Anahita Shafa

Lead UX Designer Reston, VA

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I have been working in the web development field for the past 9 years in various organizations, as a freelance consultant and full time employee, including The National Geographic Society, Comcast, CGI Federal (working on, College Board, Office of Personnel Management in Washington, DC, Canvas, Design Interactive, USPTO, which have all been amazing experiences. I enjoy being part a team of developers and taking on projects from the start (initial meeting, storyboard, wire-frame) to completion within very tight time frames. From updating web content to making sure all the content and pages give the user the optimum experience they are looking for, that’s my devotion and dedication. A smooth experience, yet a clean, semantic code and easy to flow through to the website, with a great user experience!

Aside from coding, I have taken a passion in making sure the user experience is the most important aspect of any work I do. From the moment the user comes across the website or app, until the moment they leave, you want them to be wow'd by your product.

I have a background in art and design, and have great design skills, creativity, a strong work ethic, and I am able to manage projects even with very tight deadlines.

I speak 5 languages fluently (English, French, Farsi, Italian and Spanish) and have very basic and limited understanding of Arabic. The love of languages came from the desire to know more about various cultures and backgrounds.

I am available for freelance work, while looking for a full time opportunity, with a company I can grow with.

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