Home page with an animation and sign up form

The sign in dashboard for the user. Created consistent look and feel across all pages.

My Apps page, where the user can find all apps that they have in their account.

App options, features and actions. Consistent look and feel.

Page where the user can view all the submissions they have made. Nice, simple, clean look and feel.

Lots of table in the signed in pages. Making them look cleaner and using icons for easily recognized actions.


When I started working at Canvas, most of the signed in pages of the website, and a few other pages, had a very inconsistent look and feel, as far using the same font size, color, buttons, layout, height, weight of fonts, etc… The first I did was to create a style guide based on what was there, showing the inconsistencies and then creating a new style guide, that is reflective of the current look and feel and design (it is a living style guide, as it is updated on a regular basis). After many months of cleaning up, the website finally had a consistent look and feel to it and gave the user a much better user experience.


UI/UX Designer/Developer




December 2015 – present